# Timer

Name Timer
Coverage Altered tick speed
Developers Jpx3
Since Intave 13
Links Config

# Issue

Changing the game speed allows players to move and operate faster than usual. While the movement information itself remains unchanged, the client simply sends more packets to the server. A player could modify their game to process 40 ticks/s instead of the default 20 ticks/s, doubling their movement speed.

# Detection

Intave keeps track of the movement packets sent by the client in a variable amount of time. If the amount of packets sent exceeds a certain threshold, enhanced by our trustfactor mechanic, Intave will start to skip movement packets.

# Accuracy

The Timer check is able to detect as little as one movement packet more, and is able to mitigate even the most extreme cases.

# Issues

Latency fluctuations and client lag can cause false positives. While we try to mitigate these issues, it is not always possible.