# AttackRaytrace

Name AttackRaytrace
Coverage Reach and hitbox cheats
Developers Jpx3, DarkAndBlue
Since Intave 14
Links Config

# Issue

Reach cheats allow players to attack others from further away, for example from 3.5 blocks.
The vanilla client-side limit for entity interactions in survival mode is 3.0 blocks.

# Detection

Before checking from how far an entity is attacked, Intave needs to know its current position - for the observer. Imagine the difference of the server and client position if the observer has a connection delay of 500ms or more. Now knowing the client-side position, we can re-perform the client's raytrace to verify the attack with incredible accuracy.

# Accuracy

Any reach down to the 15th decimal is theoretically detectable. Due to certain inconsistencies, we achieve a peak accuracy detecting 0.001 blocks of additional reach.