# BreakSpeedLimiter

Name BreakSpeedLimiter
Coverage Fastbreak cheats
Developers Jpx3, ventolotl, DarkAndBlue
Since Intave 13
Links Config

# Issue

The minecraft protocol gives clients full control over block breaking, including the break-duration. While this allows for fluent gameplay even with high latency, cheats can abuse this to break blocks faster than normally possible.

# How it works

To solve this issue, Intave re-calculates how long a legitimate player needs to mine specific blocks. If a player breaks a block faster than possible, we will cancel the break procedure.

# Accuracy

This check is able to detect small deviations and gets more accurate the more data it collects.

# History

This approach remains unchanged for the last eight years.

# Issues

The check might false flag legitimate players with rapid latency changes, even with Intave trying to account for such scenarios.