# Getting started

# Purchase

In case you don't already have Intave, it is available at https://intave.de (opens new window)

# Install

# Installing Intave with Bootstrap

  1. Download Intave Bootstrap (opens new window)
  2. Copy the downloaded file into your server's plugin folder.
  3. Generate the configuration file by booting your server and stopping it after startup.
  4. Get your authentication token from the download page or from your Account Settings (opens new window)
  5. Paste the token into the bootstrap configuration file.
  6. Boot your server again.

# Installing Intave manually

  1. Download Intave (opens new window)
  2. Copy the downloaded file into your server's plugin folder.
  3. Boot your server.

You have successfully installed Intave, congratulations! But we need more step to boot Intave properly.


Current versions of Intave automatically download ProtocolLib (opens new window) if missing.

# Verify

Before you begin, you must verify the machine you are using.


Learn more about machine verifications here

  1. Visit https://intave.de/hardware (opens new window)
  2. Alongside verified hardware, you can see currently pending verification requests.
  3. Carefully review and accept verification requests.


If you do not recognize a verification request, contact us.

  1. Start your server once again.
  2. Done!


In case you are using Pterodactyl, Docker or Kubernetes, you need to mount the folder ~/.intave/ (in the home directory of the current user in the virtual machine) to a custom, shared folder. All virtual machines on the same root machine should have the same folder mounted. Virtual machines on different root machines must not share the same folder.
A guide (opens new window) is available for Pterodactyl users.

# Next steps

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